Garden Parasol: A Good Way to Provide Shelter in Your Garden

Garden Umbrella or Garden Parasol

Having a large private garden around the house is everyone’s dream. Enjoying the quality time while embracing the sunshine through the summer breeze with the member of the family has been one of the most lovable time through years. However, if you want to enjoy the sun, most of the time, you will also have to bear with the skin damage. One of the good ways to keep yourselves save from the sun while still be able to enjoy it is to set garden parasol or garden umbrella to your garden.  Each has its own character which suits your need. 

When you have a large garden, and you want to protect yourself from the sun from any direction, you can choose portable garden umbrella. This kind of umbrella will make you possibly move it into any spot when you think the sunshine is just too strong for you. 

You can get the shade that you need by setting this parasol either on your garden or balcony. If you need to, you can tilt the parasol, and even you can install it over the garden table when you want to relax and enjoy the meal with the shower of sunshine. 

When you set it up to the balcony, make sure you put some extra cover during the hottest day, especially when you have a south-eastward facing one. The good thing about this parasol is that it doesn’t take too much space and you can take it down and fold it when you don’t need it. 

  • Gazebo

When parasol and hanging umbrella cannot satisfy you with enough shade, you can choose to build your own gazebo which is permanently set to your garden. With this gazebo you’ll have a chance to bring your private room outdoor. You can enjoy anything that you usually do in the living room in the open air. The roof is indeed will give you more protection than just hanging umbrella or parasol. Add cushion, blankets, and probably candles, and everything in the house is now ready to be done under the sun. 

Types of Garden Parasol You Need to Know

Generally, there are three main types of parasol that you can choose, and provides you with bunches of choices of each type. 

  1. Upright

This is the classic and the most general style of parasol. It has straight pole in the middle with the mounted canopy either in shape of round, square, or even rectangular. Polyester is usually the material used for the canopy, while the pole is usually made from wood or aluminum. Various color and sizes are commonly applied to the canopy, and people mostly like to bring it when they go to the beach, but if you would rather keep it to your patio, that would be lovely too. 

  1. Tilting

Similar to the upright parasol, tilting presents with the addition of tilting canopy which make it more portable, plus an adjustable pole. It makes you able to adjust the position of the canopy depending on the sun’s rotation. The swivel joint will make sure that you are able to do the mechanism. And you can enjoy your day long enjoying the sun without worrying about the UV A or UV B which may cause your skin trouble. 

  1. Cantilever

This is the newest type of garden parasol loved and applied by many families around the world. Unlike its two other cousins which has the pole in the center, the canopy has ability to mount to the side of the table instead of in the middle. Completed with handle and crank, this parasol is easily adjusted and make the canopy possible extend itself into three to four meters away from its pole. Concerning the materials, aluminum is still the favorite choice for its quality in coping with weather. While for the canopy, polyester is still the number one choice for the material. 

  1. Wall-mounted parasol

If you only have a small patio, this type is the perfect choice for you. Attach your canopy at the wall to save spaces, and choose extra ordinary canopy material such as banana leaves, dry sugar-tree, or even bizarre octagonal shape or any minimalist shape that will put some highlight for your patio. 

Get the Proper Canopy for Your Garden Parasol

Choosing the right canopy for your parasol may need some considerations. When you do that, you should remember that there two important think to consider when choosing the canopy.

  1. Material

First of all, pay attention to the material made for the canopy. Polyester is the commonest choice for the canopy for its waterproof character. Plus, polyester is quite affordable. However, Soft or dark color has greater tendency to fade more quickly. So, remember to always fold the canopy whenever you don’t use it, or if it is necessary cover it with plastic to protect its original color. While acrylic actually offers better quality and more comfortable shade that it can give. Indeed, you have to spend more budget for this material. In addition, its original color will last longer than any other materials.  

  1. Density

Density is also an important thing to make the canopy works as we expect it. since we need it to give us shelter and shade, the better protection it can give, the better quality it shows. Basically, there’s no certain standard for this matter, but the thicker the material, the better its ability to protect us from the sun ray, isn’t it?

Garden parasol can be a serious ornamental part for your outdoor space. Make sure that no matter what you choose, it has harmony with all of those things that you have put in the garden before like swing, or any other garden furniture. If you still have problem in finding the best parasol you want to have, just come and visit us, is ready to get you the best parasol ever.