GARDEN PARASOLS - GARDEN UMBRELLAS WHOLESALE is one of the garden parasol providers in Bali. We design and create our own and unique garden parasol for our customers. Not only garden parasol, but we also offer you patio parasol, garden umbrella which is combined with Balinese parasol style. This Balinese style has been our character over years. And these products have been famous not only over the country, but all over the world as well. We have exported some of these famous products abroad, especially to Europe and USA. 

We only hire those who are expert in designing and creating the garden parasol. Our creative and innovative makers are able to create garden umbrella in any color, motif, dimension, and design upon the customers’ request. If you have your own design, just come and tell us, our creators will help you to realize it in the way that you want it to be. 

Besides, you should be ready to get beautiful and eye-catching card package with, because we also provide our customer with services in making color card package. Hand-painted and hand-made umbrellas are also our other masterpiece you should know. Many of them have been sought by those who love and appreciate manual art, who seek for the human touch on every work.  

All in all, is just the right place to get gardenumbrella, garden parasol, and all are with Balinese style which give you the real feel of the God Island. Come and visit us right away, and prove it yourself.


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